Remodeling’s Next Big Trend: Fresh Air

According to Maria Mendez writing for Remodeling,  the next big trend in home remodeling might be one that homeowners can't see, but one they can feel.

"As homeowners and remodelers sought to reduce the home’s heating/cooling costs and its impact on the natural world, they may have neglected to think about whether the home could breathe. Many homeowners are now having trouble with their more tightly built houses because the homes lack the ventilation necessary to get the stale inside air to the outside of the house and bring fresh air inside. One thing I don’t think people realize at all is that just by living in the house, the air will become contaminated over time."

"A healthy home goes well beyond sustainability.  A healthy home is designed, built, or renovated to support the health of the occupants, says John Lapotaire, a certified indoor environmental consultant and president of the Indoor Air Quality Association. A healthy home is concerned with the home’s ventilation, air circulation, filtration, and humidity."

"The core of what healthy home is about is to think of the home as a system,' says Bill Hayward, CEO of Hayward Lumber, Monterey, Calif., and president of Hayward Healthy Home. 'When I say system, I mean how does the air get in and out of the house? How does moisture get in or out of the walls? How do chemicals from the outside get in or pollutants from the inside get out?' The most important part of this healthy home system is having good indoor air quality (IAQ). That requires a constant, steady exchange of filtered fresh air coming into a space while exhausting the stale indoor air out, according to both Hayward and Paul Kocharhook, owner of Pathway Design & Construction in Seattle and who specializes in indoor air quality."

Hear more of what industry experts, including Hayward Score founder Bill Hayward, have to say about the trend towards healthy homes.  Click here to read the full article.