Research shows Owners’ and Renters’ Healthy Home Concerns

Yesterday we mentioned research by the Joint Center for Housing Studies (2016) that explored what caused people to think that something in their home was making them sick.  That same study also explored healthy home concerns and behaviors among American homeowners and renters. Their research showed that both groups are interested in improving the indoor environmental health of their homes, but face myriad challenges to doing so. Highlights of the research are below:

  • Nearly 25% of households in the survey had some concern about health-related issues in their home
  • More than 20% acknowledged uncertainty about whether their homes might contain health risks
  • Nearly 50% of American homeowners responding to the survey have some level of interest in healthy home issues
  • 60% of respondents had already taken action – even if minor – to create a healthier indoor environment at home

The leading concern among respondents was indoor air quality (IAQ). The paper recommends reducing indoor emissions, including the pollution that comes from heating and cooking, as well as from chemicals that are off-gassed by our furnishings, carpets, paint, and the materials used in constructing our homes. The Hayward Score team would add minimizing/managing indoor moisture – from bathing, bath or kitchen leaks, water intrusions into basements or from the roof – to that list.  Excess moisture makes almost every condition impacting IAQ worse – and causes one of the biggest impacts: mold!

Getting your Hayward Score not only gives you insight into conditions in your home that might be affecting your health but also gives you a free, personalized and actionable report that will help you address your issues step-by-step. It is easy to get started on your journey to a healthier home and family!

Read the whole study here.