Energy Improvements Have Healthy Home Benefits

Making your home healthier doesn’t have to hurt your bank balance. In fact, a healthy home can actually be far more energy-efficient than an unhealthy one. But you have to be careful – some energy-efficiency tips can inadvertently make your home less healthy!

According to  Joe Medosch, Healthy Building Scientist at Hayward Score, “Most people know to turn off lights and to adjust the thermostat to improve energy efficiency, but find themselves stumped at what to do next.”

His advice?  “Start with the easy and inexpensive fixes like swapping light bulbs, caulking or weather stripping leaky areas, or installing occupancy sensors or timmers  and make a longer-term plan to replace equipment and fix more serious issues.”

Here are a few of Joe’s favorite DIY ideas for where to look in your home for ways to reduce your energy bill and improve the health of your home in the process:

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Joe Medosch
Hayward Score Healthy Building Scientist Joe Medosch has almost 30 years of experience as a contractor and 10 years as a master trainer with expertise in home performance, particularly in health and energy-efficiency. His proficiency includes building science & diagnostics and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessments. He has served on numerous committees developing industry standards including: RESNET Standard 380, Equipment Sub-Committee, and BPI multifamily standards development.
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