How to Hire a Contractor after a Disaster

Homes and buildings with water damage from hurricanes and floods should be dried within 48 hours to prevent mold contamination. However, in disaster situations, such rapid restoration is often difficult. Experienced restoration and remediation companies are often inundated with calls and less reputable operators often surface to fill the gap. In certain states, including Texas, out-of-state mold contractors and remediators are exempted from license and tax requirements. Consumers should be wary of operators seeking to take advantage of the situation.

Warning Signs

Look for the following red flags when interviewing potential contractors. If you notice any, it may be better to find someone else to do the work.  It is tempting to rush into a project when there is immediate and urgent work to be done and you want to get your family back home, but a poorly done restoration and remediation effort can cause significant problems for years to come.

Tips for Hiring a Contractor

What to Ask for when Contracting for Restoration Work

This article was written with information from the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and is intended to provide assistance anyone affected by flooding, water damage, and resulting mold.
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