Carmel, CA – Hayward Score has been named a Top 50 Innovator in Housing in Diagnostic Intel for 2019 by HIVE. The HIVE 50, presented by Hanley Wood, is a yearly recognition of innovation in housing design, building technology, capital commitment, customer intelligence, and strategy.

The HIVE (housing innovation, vision and economics) community transforms housing with conversation to inspire creativity, higher performance and better solutions in design, finance, demographics, business management and products. Join the brightest minds to share forward-looking ideas, inspirations and inventions touching every aspect of housing.

Hayward Score is honored for championing healthy buildings using a scientific score to empower residents to use home-specific conditions and metrics to improve health and well-being.

“HIVE honors the products, process and people that represent the greatest housing innovations in the United States,” said John McManus, vice president and editorial director of the residential group at Hanley Wood. “The HIVE 50 winners in the intel category represent innovative ways that data is influencing how we identify, acquire, serve and retain customers, determine product viability and assign value. These innovations will be the key to reimagining how to deliver value and affordability to the market.”

Hayward Score surveys environmental and climate data along with structure and system characteristics of a building such as age, water purity, ventilation, odors, occupant behavior, etc. and captures health information from each resident to create an overall score of the home conditions as healthy or unhealthy. Scores rank from “very poor” to “excellent” at any given time. As of December 2019, more than 60,000 households had completed Hayward Score.

“We are honored to be named a top 50 disruptor. We need to transform the industry and ensure all homes are healthy,” said Bill Hayward, CEO, Hayward Score.

About Hayward Score

Hayward Score helps people identify major issues in the home that can impact their indoor air quality and overall health. Hayward Score assesses the key characteristics of the home, generates an overall rating score, and provides a FREE personalized report with action items to take effective steps to transform the health of the home.

Hayward Score was founded by Bill Hayward, CEO and chief sustainability officer at 100-year-old Hayward Lumber, and his wife, Adrianna, a clinical psychologist specializing in health issues.

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