QEESI Questionnaire
The QEESI Symptom Star

The QEESI Symptom Star has 10 questions, one for each of
10 different body systems that can be affected by an event.

Pre/Post Exposure QEESI Symptom Star©

The purpose of these questions is to document symptoms you attribute to particular exposure events. Did your symptoms worsen after exposure to pesticide extermination/fumigation, mold, remodeling/new construction, or when you changed homes or jobs, or after medical/surgical treatment (anesthetics, antibiotics), etc.?

Two identical sets of 10 questions will be shown to you twice. The first set refers to your current symptoms, how you feel now after your exposure. When you have completed the first set of questions, the next 10 questions will be shown to you. For these questions, recall what your symptoms were like before your exposure.

Next, the program will automatically draw your responses and show them to you. The final result will be two diagrams as illustrated here—a red diagram representing your current symptoms after the exposure and a  green diagram representing your symptoms before your exposure.

The results:

The final result will be a single chart showing both a red star for after the exposure and a green star for before the exposure.

The chart will be automatically drawn and shown to you after completion of both sets of your responses.

Example results chart.

Not at all a problem
Moderate symptoms
Disabling symptoms
Restart questionnaire from beginning