Common Causes of Unhealthy Homes

The causes of unhealthy homes are many and varied. They come from sources both inside and outside the home and can sometimes be the result of good intentions, like making your home more energy efficient which causes your home to have less ventilation! Most of the time, it isn’t any one thing that is makes a house sick, but the accumulation of small things that add up to bigger problems for occupants.

Some of the most common causes are: 

  • Plumbing leak inside a wall
  • Roof leak into the attic
  • Foundation leak into the basement
  • Leaking ice machine or sink
  • Unsealed or partially sealed air ducts
  • Damp or wet crawlspace
  • Improper ventilation (too much or too little air circulation)
  • Chemical off-gassing from new construction materials or paint
  • Air leaks in wall cavities
  • Sprinklers that hit the side of the house
  • Chemicals in cleaning products and pesticides stored in the house
  • Chemicals in new furniture, carpeting, or bedding
  • Garden chemicals, pesticides, and paint stored under the house or in the garage (adjacent to the
  • house)
  • Dirty air ducts
  • Old carpet
  • Recent flooding or sewage backup
  • Routine indoor or outdoor pesticide treatment
  • Deferred home maintenance
  • Excess indoor moisture
  • Construction dust from renovations or remodeling