Learn How Conditions In Your Home Can Make You Sick

For many people, conditions in their home make them feel sick. Hayward Score surveyed more than 13,000 people across the United States and discovered conditions in the home can cause a range of health issues such as depression, mood change, sinus issues, fatigue, rashes, aching muscles, and more! A healthier home is possible!

Dr. Adriana Hayward - Healthy Homes for Families

Dr. Adriana Hayward shares the science that links personal health and your home through her personal journey in making sure her family's health was restored. A healthier home is possible!

Learn How Hayward Score Can Help You

Do you think your home is affecting your health? Over 20,000 people have trusted Hayward Score to improve their health and well being. Our machine learning algorithm will assess the key characteristics of your home, give you an overall score, and provide a personalized report with action items so you can take effective steps to transform the health of your home. A healthier home is possible!

Bill Hayward - Founder Hayward Score

Hayward Score founder Bill Hayward shares his personal journey about how his home made him and his family sick and what steps they took to restore their health. A healthier home is possible!