Symptoms of a Sick Home

Just like a person, “sick” homes often show symptoms which can be many and varied depending on a wide range of factors including climate, age of the house, and occupancy. Since issues such as odors, dust, stuffy or dry air, dampness, water stains and swollen wood are usually not considered a health risk and are present in most homes; they are typically dismissed as conditions not worthy of investigation because their presence is considered “normal.”

Some of the most common “symptoms” are:

  • Visible mold and bacterial growth on surfaces
  • Musty or “off” odors
  • Visible water or mold stains on walls, ceilings, window frames, or floors. Excessive dust even after cleaning
  • Stale, stuffy, or dry air
  • Temperature of the house always feels wrong
  • Drafts
  • Smells or odors when the heat or A/C blower comes on
  • Swollen wood or other structural damage
  • Dampness