6 Steps to Minimize Dust at Home

Dust is a common sight in any home, and it naturally gathers on top of shelves, tables, or counters as the days pass. It can be...

Hayward Score Staff | July 1, 2019

Managing Asthma Through Integrated Pest Management

Pests: A Common Asthma Trigger Pests can range from a nuisance to a serious health concern. They can carry disease-causing...

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The Truth About Scented Candles

The Impact of Fragranced Products For many people, home wouldn’t be the same without scents from candles, room sprays,...

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Is Indoor Air Worsening Your Asthma?

What is Asthma? Asthma is a serious, sometimes life-threatening chronic respiratory disease that affects the quality of life for...

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Christmas Tree Chemicals You Didn’t Know About

While your Christmas tree probably doesn’t need a warning label – bringing either a real or artificial Christmas tree...

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Outdoor Allergens Can Be An Even Bigger Problem Indoors!

Reviewed: November 7, 2019 Scientific American recently reported that “sneezing, watery eyes and runny noses from seasonal...

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Keep Healthy Home Fires Burning

For many people, a bright, crackling, wood fire is as much a part of the fall and winter season as hot apple cider and a cozy...

Dana Sundblad | January 15, 2017
Indoor Air can be more poluted

did you know

Indoor air can be 5x more polluted than outside affecting allergies, asthma, concentration, sleep quality and more.